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While She Sleeps: 4 turn ons
Your Demise: 2 places you'd like to visit
Chelsea Grin: What are some things that make you sad?
The Devil Wears Prada: What's better, a fling/one night stand or serious relationship?
Four Year Strong: Name 8 things that make you happy
Parkway Drive: Would you say you are self confident?
The Word Alive: Do you have any special talents?
Architects: Do you have any pets?
Miss May I: What song(s) help you get through the day?
Memphis May Fire: Are you a flirt?
Whitechapel: Define yourself in 5 words
Of Mice & Men: Are you a virgin?
letlive.: Are you an artistic/creative person?
For The Fallen Dreams: Are you a follower or a leader?
The Ghost Inside: Have you ever self harmed?
Suicide Silence: Have you been to any concerts? Which ones?
Last Witness: Would you say you have a "sexy" figure?
Trapped Under Ice: Do you do drugs?
The Story So Far: Are you a totally badass motherfucker?
Winds Of Plague: Ever been in love?
Dream On, Dreamer: 2 of your favorite foods and 2 of the foods you hate
Motionless In White: Do you over think things/contemplate trivial things too much?
August Burns Red: Did you ever get into a fist fight?
Deaf Havana: What's your favorite genre of music?
Emmure: What's your favorite band?
Stick To Your Guns: Do you genuinely care about others, even strangers?
Stray From The Path: Name 7 things people do that piss you off
Attack Attack!: Are you a romantic person?
As Blood Runs Black: 3 of your favorite blogs
Kasabian: Do you speak more than one language?
Terror: Do you like to read? What's your favorite book?
Carnifex: What do you look like right now?
Machine Head: What's the craziest thing you've ever done/wish you've done/wish you hadn't done?
Heart In Hand: What are your favorite brands? (Define your sense of style)
Sylosis: Do you play any instruments?
As I Lay Dying: What's better, day or night?
Young Guns: Sexual orientation?
Kings of Leon: Do you think things through before doing them or do you just go out and do what you want?
Bring Me The Horizon: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Mastodon: In your opinion, what was the greatest time or era for music?
Heights: 3 of your greatest fears
Basement: 6 things you want to accomplish
Sharks: Favorite celebrity? Least favorite?
Lamb Of God: Are you a religious person?
Heaven Shall Burn: Are you close with your family?
Gorillaz: World peace or ending world hunger?
Born Of Osiris: Acoustic or electric instruments?
Yashin: A random thing about you?
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